About Me

I have been in the real estate business since 1992, and could not imagine doing anything else!

In 1998, my mother and I had the vision of doing something different in the real estate game.  What started as a dream to have 20 agents has grown to something much more significant than either of us imagined!

The last 5 years have proven to be the most beneficial years for personal, and professional growth.

Today, we operate independently, while leveraging the awesome tools, systems, international connectivity, internet machine, training, and relocation that only CENTURY 21 offers.  We are blessed to now offer the BEST of both worlds to our agents and their clients.

As an independent company, we beat the franchise machines with more passion, drive, and determination.  We still have all of that, but now offer better than the other franchises with the CENTURY 21 System...so watch out!

We are bringing the office of the future to right here, today!